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Maëlle Vié

Osteopath D.O.

Member of The New Zealand Osteopathic Association since 2020

Member of The New Zealand Osteopathic Council since 2020

Member of the General Osteopathic Council of England 2013-2020

ACC registered


Maëlle graduated in France in 2012 then moved to England to work in Manchester with Philip Owen.


After a couple of years in the UK, she left for French Polynesia where she worked as head osteopath at The Brando Hotel on Marlon's Brando private island. She treated many celebrities there, including Leonardo Di Caprio, Victoria Secret's angels, Catherine Deneuve. After a while on the private atoll, she received a call from Bora Bora's physiotherapists where an osteopath was wanted in the local clinic.


She worked for many years on the famous island until it was time for a new adventure. In 2019 she qualified as a Pilates instructor in Auckland with Polestar Pilates, world leader of Pilates for physiotherapists and decided to move to New Zealand after that. Early 2020 she settled in Hawkes Bay where she met Dr Newman, head of FemaleGP in Napier.

Now part of the Kowhai Clinic around a team of medical professionals, the Kowhai Midwiferie Group and FemaleGP, Maëlle is being referred a wide range of patients from newborn to elderly and feels really happy to help the local community getting back on their feet. 

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